More Raves!

“We looked everywhere for a place on the Cape where we could have the kind of wedding we wanted – a beautiful setting, a place where friends and family could hang-out, the ability to have the kind of wedding we wanted (and not one planned by a resort/hotel/etc.). It was really difficult to find such a place since most private homes can’t handle large groups of people.

We feel incredibly lucky to have found the Winslow Estate and we had exactly the wedding we wanted here. We rented the space for the week and had our bridal party join us to hang out. We had a very small, low-key rehearsal on Friday night. And on Saturday we had a clam bake and played whiffle ball. I imagine this spot works just as well if you want a formal event, but for us it was the perfect place to have a laid-back, casual party at a gorgeous, comfortable location. I’m pretty sure there is no other place like it on the Cape.”